Thursday, 2 May 2013



Final Music Video

Audience Feedback

Music video and audience feedback from face book and youtube



As audience feedback is a great help we decided to upload the music video to youtube and also Megan's facebook in order for us to have feedback to work on.
We uploaded our video to youtube and as you can see we had already had 67 views which lets us know people are watching it, we don't have any comments yet but we are not concerned about that as having it on youtube allows easier access to it and allows us to share with people for audience feed back.

On Facebook our friends and family could see the video and comment there feedback although the number of likes is not displayed in the screen shot above I can confirm that it did get quite a lot, we have also had comments from friends who would fit our targeted audience, the fact that we have received posititve comments from people made us feel quite happy about our music video and it was good for us to hear.

Dragonfly Posters

These are the posters for our band and promotion of the album, again the use contrasting images for representation of our band image. They have our logo and alot of band promotion included in them. They are important to be consistant with the music video and the digi-pack. 

Digi Pack Complete

This is my final digi-pack that I have created for the band. The pictures I have included in my digi-pack are all fun edgy type pictures shot with the natural and beautiful surroundings in the back ground i think this is a nice element to have as it sets up the tone of being free and having fun. I not only used photo shop for the editing of the pictures but a website called rollip aswell. Rollip was usefull to help me put effects on the picture such as the bootm left one, bottom right and the centre and top right aswell. I think the subtle use of hearts effect and the sparkle effect just shows our girly inncocent side that we want audiences to feel, the others are high contrasted showing our natural fun side and finaly the top right picture and the black and white one puts an edgy rock feel on the digi-pack. All these elements are exactly what we wanted to portray to the audience.

The use of contrast and black and white was used also in our music video so I have therefore incorporated these elements for consistency as well as representation. All the photos are natural as well in terms of the band,  apart from one photo, we have not staged or posed for the photos we have just let Tolga (the camera man) take photos of us just being ourselves natural. This combines perfectly with the idea of documentary that we have used in our music video and I think this works better than if we had been staged.

The picture that will be on the front cover of the digi pack is the bottom right which shows us as a band from the front looking at the camera but still very natural. The picture next to it in black and white which is the back cover of the band and at the end of the digi-pack. I think it is quite nice how it contrasts the front cover and is a image of us walking away the back of us its ironic how front cover shows our front and back cover shows our backs.

I have included the same font as what will be on the poster, and this is the font that was picked by the audience feedback. T he rough trade logo is placed on the digi-pack as well as  it is the record label for our band, which we also researched into a great deal in the planning stages of the process. And finally our band logo is there so that the audience can recognise us as a band and the logo is sort of our trade mark.

Although I had limited time to create this digi-pack, because i was in charge of editing along with megan, the editing took up the majority of our time. so we had to create our digi-packs quickly but the thought and representation has still been very much considered and i think it has been a success.

Band Logo

This is the logo we have created for our band using photoshop, putting a silhouette of a dragon fly along with our specific font of which we got from Da Font. We think this works as our logo as the black and pink together represents everything we are trying to achieve in terms of our band image. The pink symbolising our girly innocent side and the black representing our edgy rock element. 
This is our trade mark and audiences will recognise us when seeing this logo so i am pleased that it works in the representation. 

Feed Back Of First Screening

As we screened the first draft of our music video in class to the teachers and students in the media department we got them to fill out feed back sheets so that we could establish the points we need inproving. and these are the feedback sheets .....

From the comments we can see that we need to touch up and develop on a few small things overall the feedback was quite good and we are happy with the results. we will be working on each bit to improve.